SRG Advantage

Smaller firms just don’t have the financial expertise many clients need in today’s fast-paced financial landscape. Sure, they crank out tax returns, but they lack the business consulting “horsepower” that clients of all sizes so desperately need.

Larger firms, on the other hand, just can’t provide the level of personal service of a local firm. Client accounts are juggled by less experienced and junior personnel, and usually at exorbitant rates.

Introducing the SRG Advantage™. We combine an extremely high level of technical expertise with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit far beyond that of smaller firms. At the same time, our clients receive the personalized service one can only find at a boutique firm.

Most accounting firms are one dimensional: they focus exclusively on taxes. At SRG, we take a multi-dimensional approach to helping our clients. Whether you’re seeking to reduce taxes, maximize asset value, improve cash flow, increase profitability, or any of many financial goals, the professionals at SRG will work with you on a multitude of dimensions to help you achieve your goals.

What sets SRG apart from other firms:

  • our depth and breadth of technical financial experience
  • our creative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • our proven track record of business growth, knowledge and expertise
  • our unique team approach to client service
  • our dedication to client satisfaction
  • Our actual business experience running companies and serving as their Chief Financial Officers


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